Up Up Penguin

Description of this fun penguin game

Use your finger to send the cute penguin through beautiful underwater worlds. Watch out for the many obstacles and enemies. Try to swim as high as possible. Note: the higher you come, the harder it gets! Try to catch the yellow fish on the way, which you can redeem in the shop for other funny penguins.
Enjoy the relaxed music and beautiful images and glide through the beautiful scenes with your friend the penguin.

How To Play:
Steer the penguin with 1 finger. Do not touch any obstacles. Try to swim as high as possible.

Features :
* Endless Mode with random scenery
* Funny Characters in the shop
* Beautiful design
* Continue after death option
* Share your score with your friends
* Leaderboard

Up Up Penguin is the only penguin game that gives you the feeling that you are really swimming in the deep ocean, unlike other penguin jump games, penguin race games, penguin ice games, or penguin dash games.